At Crown Veterinary Specialists, the Anesthesia and Pain Management department is overseen by our board-certified veterinary anesthesiologist, Dr. Berit Fischer. Dr. Fischer works closely with the other services and highly trained nursing staff to provide individualized anesthetic care for your pet. We offer advanced monitoring and state-of-the-art pain management techniques to maximize the safety and comfort of each patient.

Anesthesia and pain management are often a source of anxiety for many pet owners. We are here to help answer questions and provide reassurance every step of the way. Dr. Fischer is available for consults to discuss concerns you may have regarding anesthesia for your pet.

What Can You Expect

When your pet arrives for a procedure that requires anesthesia, a thorough history including what medications they are currently taken and when they last ate will be collected. The anesthesiologist will review your pet’s records and any diagnostics that have been completed as well as perform a physical exam. Based on these findings, an individualized treatment plan that addresses concerns specific to your pet will be developed.

Similar to human anesthesia, Dr. Fischer and the anesthesia team continuously monitor your pet’s vital well-being using cutting-edge multiparameter monitors throughout their procedure. This allows quick assessment and intervention if needed. Following anesthesia, your pet will continue to be assessed during the recovery period to ensure they are pain-free and stable.

Pain Management

Pain is an unpleasant sensory experience that can vary in duration and intensity. Acute pain, such as that associated with surgery, is often short-lived and resolves after your pet’s incision has healed. Chronic pain, however, is pain that does not resolve after an expected period of healing. Some common causes of chronic pain include osteoarthritis, nerve damage, or pain associated with cancer. These types of pain often do not respond to standard pain-relieving medications and may require other forms of pain intervention.
At Crown Veterinary Specialists, ensuring our patient’s comfort is of utmost importance. We offer state-of-the-art solutions for both acute and chronic pain management.

Services Offered
Locoregional anesthesia: Specialized techniques that involve the deposition of medications around nerves to provide long-lasting pain relief. These have utility in treating both acute and chronic pain conditions.

  • Local/Infiltration anesthesia
  • Epidural and spinal anesthesia
  • Peripheral nerve blocks utilizing ultrasound and electrolocation guidance
  • IV regional anesthesia
  • Joint injections
  • Myofascial trigger point therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Physical rehabilitation therapy (link to ARF section)
  • Low level therapeutic laser therapy

What to Expect
Pain is difficult to identify and treat in veterinary patients since they are unable to directly communicate what hurts. An extensive exam is often required to elucidate sources of pain and establish a treatment plan. When arriving for a pain management consultation, Dr. Fischer will collect a thorough history including signs, symptoms, duration of the pain, current medications/supplements, and diet. A complete physical exam, including orthopedic and neurologic exam, will be performed and, if indicated, diagnostic testing including radiographs, blood tests, and nerve blocks may be suggested. After compiling this information, a comprehensive pain management plan is developed and implemented. Frequent reassessment is performed to make adjustments to ensure the best outcome.